The GUIDE project is developing hand-held computer based tourist GUIDEs for visitors to Lancaster. These GUIDEs are context-sensitive. In other words, they have knowledge of their physical location and their user's preferences. They can use this knowledge to display information and perform services specific to both a user and a location. For example, if a user is interested in history, the GUIDE unit is able to construct a walking tour which takes account of this interest. The unit gives the user directions on how to get from one location to the next. As the user arrives at each destination the unit describes what is being seen from a historical perspective.

The GUIDE project is different to other computer-based tourist projects because the units obtain all of their information via a wireless communications link. This enables the units to support interactive services such as ticket booking or enquiries, communications with other users and with the tourist information service and access to the full resources of the Internet.

This site gives you an overview of the GUIDE system and contact points for further details. We hope you enjoy reading about GUIDE.

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